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About Us

     Lavish Layers Cake Boutique, LLC is a locally owned business serving the Greater Atlanta Area and North Georgia. We provide those searching for their next specialty cake with a beautifully designed and stunningly decorated cake that tastes as delicious as it looks.


     Whether for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, corporate event, or other special celebration, we can design, bake, decorate, and deliver an exceptional cake that is sure to enhance your next event. 

     With detailed decoration and expressive design, we are able create a cake that is sure to delight you and your guests. Emphasizing elegance, artistry, and fine detail, any cake made by Lavish Layers Cake Boutique could be considered no less than a work of art. All the decorations on our cakes are expertly piped by hand using buttercream frosting which gives our cakes a beautiful look and ensures a wonderful taste.

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Lavish layers Cake Boutique 23 1402.JPEG

     We also place a priority on the quality of the ingredients we use in our cakes which contributes to a superior taste and texture. Every cake we make is made from scratch in house primarily using organic, non-GMO, and natural ingredients.  All of this helps in creating cakes that are tantalizing to the taste buds and will leave you wanting more. 

     With decades of experience baking and decorating cakes, we are confidant in our ability to produce the perfect cake for you. From concept to presentation to the cutting of the cake, with our experience and expertise we are more than able to create the cake that you desire and will love. 

     Lavish Layers Cake Boutique invites you to experience the difference one of our quality cakes will make for your next special occasion.

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